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About Us

Initiative for Young Women’s Health and Development (IY-WHAD) is a community-based organization that focuses on working with marginalized women, in promoting their Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights through, strategic engagement, effective education and Policy influencing.

IY-WHAD is a leader in the fight to end Gender Based Violence against marginalized women locally and nationally. Starting in April 2015, we have been supporting, improving and enriching the lives of marginalized and underserved girls and women in Cross River and Enugu State of Nigeria, championing platforms where marginalized women and individuals have equal opportunity to reach their full potential, contribute to the society and have a voice in decisions that affect them.

We have been working and collaborating with and working in partnership with donors and relevant stakeholders for women’s equality by challenging the discrimination targeted upon FSW community, based on their gender, occupation, class along with other forms of oppression.

Intervention Areas:

IY-WHAD focuses on the intervention areas listed below:

HIV Testing and Counseling and Referral Services
Skill Acquisitions programs
Workshop/ Training
Seminars/ Campaign Rallies
Focus Group Discussions
Outreaches/ Dialogue
Research/ Data collection/ Validation

Our Mission

Our mission is to work with marginalized women in promoting their sexual and Reproduction Health and Right through, strategic engagement, effective education and police influencing.

Our Vision

We envision a society where all marginalized women are free of Stigma and Discrimination.

Our Goal

To reduce stigma and discrimination target towards marginalized women trough the promotion of their right and access to SRHR services and information.


We carry out various activities using evidence based strategies which has aided us in reaching our stated goals in every area of interventions, and in reaching our community members with qualitative Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights intervention (SRHR).

The IMHIPP project was a three-year project funded by USAID with Heartland Alliance International Nigeria (HAI-N) as the Principal Recipient. The project was to increase access to HIV Testing Services (HTS) and HIV reduction through various prevention strategies among Female Sex workers (FSW) in some designated LGAs. in Cross River State.

The project was a six (6) months US Ambassador Small grant which aims at improving the lives of Key affected Populations, through the promotion of health seeking behavior and promotion of inclusive and alternative livelihood with support for household economic strengthening through Income Generating Activities (IGA) among community members in some hard to reach LGA of Cross River state .

The one year project was a part of the Global Fund KP HIV intervention among community members, in Enugu State on the Global fund grant to Fight AIDs Tuberculosis and Malarial with the grant name NGA-H-SFHNG, through the Society for Family Health (SFH) as the Principal recipient (PR) and Equitable Health Access Initiatives (EHAI) as the sub recipient (SR). The goal was to provide comprehensive community-based HIV service package, including prevention, care and support, referrals and linkages to treatment services.

The KPSE program was done in partnership with the University of Maryland Baltimore USA. The aim was to map and develop a profile for the hotspots of Key Populations (KPs) in 7 states in Nigeria including Cross River State where IY-WHAD carried the intervention which was also to inform HIV prevention and service program for Key Populations.

The Cool Girls project is funded by the Initiatives for Young Women’s Health and Development (IY-WHAD) as sustainability plan- This project has provided 550 FSWs with education on menstrual health and hygienic, menstrual product. Our target for the project is to provide more than 5000 FSW with education on menstruation and sanitary products in Cross River State and Enugu state.

The Initiatives for Young Women’s Health and Development in Collaboration with Society for Family Health (SFH) implemented the UNESCO Spotlight Initiative activity (4.2.4) project in Cross River State. The three months project was to strengthen capacity of youth networks to do peer to peer education and refer young people (in-schools and out-of-schools children from 10 to 25 years) to access CSE and SRHR services, and also including increase access of youth, especially female youth, to CSE and SRHR services in the state..

IY-WHAD is implementing the NAHI project from the Global Fund to fight AIDs Tuberculosis and Malarial The projects goal is to reduce the incidence of new HIV infections, mortality and, Morbidity among Female Sex Workers (FSW) community in Enugu State. In collaboration with Family Health International (FHI360) as the Principle Recipient and Excellence Community Education Welfare Scheme (ECEWS) as Sub Recipient, IY-WHAD works to ensure:

  • - Optimum uptake HIV prevention testing and linkage services
  • - Tracking and retention of defaulter clients
  • - Elicitation of index client partners
  • - Referrals and linkages for PrEP eligible clients

The Initiatives for Young Women’s Health and Development is in Collaboration with Global Health Promise in a survey to identify the challenges faced by the children of Female Sex Workers and the mothers which aim to create awareness about the challenge faced by the children of sex workers and sex workers who are .